Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorful weekend...

Megan came over Saturday and did some paper-cutting

while I sorted buttons and silkscreened a little...

(More photos and bigger! on Flickr.)

There will be some new friends in the shop shortly! (I'm just waiting on my new tags for pillows!)


Friday, February 20, 2009

New Blog Home!

Hello friends!
I have moved my Egg-A-Go-Go-related musings here to blogger from the old location.

This is just a warm up post to take up some space and get things rolling!
Over the weekend I hope to update about my current projects and some exciting new things!

To Do This Weekend:
  • Finish 2 custom pillow orders
  • Silkscreening! More button birds and a new design!
  • Studio tidy-up! (desperately needed!)

I also have some non-business plans!
  • Saturday night - catching up with a long lost friend over dinner!
  • Sunday morning - breakfast with my brother Jack who is in town for the weekend!
  • Sunday afternoon - attending the Wellness Walk at the Arnold Arboretum!
Should be a good/busy couple of days.
Okay, that's enough for the maiden post.